Nha Trang University, 02 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Nha Trang City, Vietnam. 

Tel:   +84.258.222 0767  

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The Department of Research Affairs is responsible for advising the Rector on ordering, controlling and implementing activities in the following fields: 

1. Strategic plans on science and technology development 

2. Orientation and coordination of science and technology programs 

3. Administrative management of research programs, projects, technology transfer activities 

4. Management and legal support for activities of institutes and centers that belong to the University. 

5. Organization of science workshops at the university level, monitoring and managing the organization of science workshops of the university’s units. 

6. Organization and management of creation and innovation activities. 

7. Management, compilation and publishcation of the Journal of Fisheries Science and Technology 

8. Proposing regulations of norms of research hour and remuneration for research activities, innovation and creation. Certification of the amount of research activities, innovation and creation for financial settlement. 

9. Managing staff who work at the Department of Research Affairs and its facilities. 


Director:  Mr. Vu Ke Nghiep, MSc.

Tel: + 84.258.222 0767