Mechanical Engineering is one of the original undergraduate programs that still remains since the establishment of the Fishery School (Nha Trang University today) in 1959. After more than half a century of development, the scope and scale of this program have been expanded in order to meet the human resources requirement for mechanical demand, particularly in the fisheries sector. The thousands of engineers who have graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have made significant contributions to the modernization and industrialization of Vietnam.

Many of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering’s research findings have been applied in domestic production and trading enterprises. The achievements in training and research are evidence of nearly 55 years of endless effort and development of all the staff members of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
In 2007, when the Fishery University changed its name to Nha Trang University, the Faculty was restructured into two disciplinary areas: The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Ship Building. At that time, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering had five departments: The department of Manufacturing Engineering, the department of Automotive Engineering and Technology, the department of Mechatronics, the department of Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Workshop. In 2011, the leader of Nha Trang University reorganized some faculties and departments as part of a long term development strategy to match student needs and a changing labor market. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was then divided into three departments: The department of Manufacturing Engineering, the department of Mechatronics, and the department of Heat and Refrigeration Engineering.



The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has the strength of experience in training and research in the fishery sector. We believe that the experienced Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will be the center of training and research in South-Central and High-Land regions of Vietnam as Nha Trang University transforms to meet the changing needs of the Nation.

The function of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to train and foster capable human resources at undergraduate and graduate (master) levels in mechanical engineering and to conduct research and technology transfers, especially in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of machines and equipment for industrialization in fishery sectors and in industry in general.


  Department of Manufacturing Engineering 

The bachelor program in manufacturing engineering is designed to train graduates with skills in manufacturing engineering and technology, sufficiently equipped with knowledge, professional skills, political ethics, morals, virtues, and wellbeing to work effectively in various fields of manufacturing engineering and technology. The specific objective of the program is to equip students with essential knowledge and skills so that they are capable of addressing professional problems involved with designing,                  

  manufacturing, utilizing, operating, repairing and maintaining mechanical devices, machine tools and equipment as well as the ability to deal with mechanical and technological concerns in a production line.

The Department of Manufacturing Engineering offers 30 courses related to manufacturing engineering and technology for undergraduate students who study manufacturing engineering, thermal engineering and refrigerator engineering, mechatronics technology, automotive engineering, and ship building. The staff of the Department continuously strives to improve their knowledge and instruction skills, enhance the academic programs, and apply new active teaching and testing methods according to the credit system of education in order to improve the quality of training and assure that learning outcomes are always met.


The staff of manufacturing engineering department currently has 14 faculty members. The staff is comprised of one professor, three doctors, four masters, three PhD candidates and four engineers. The faculty members have diverse backgrounds, having studied and graduated from universities in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, South Korea, and Taiwan, etc. Faculty members have actively carried out state level projects, ministry level projects, and university level projects. They have also completed many pilot projects and fishery sector technology transfer projects. The faculty of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering stays at the forefront of research by continuing to publish technical papers in journals of fishery science and technology in addition to mechanical journals. Many staff members who completed their education abroad have participated in international conferences and have published SCI/SCIE papers in international journals. 

Along with the responsibility of training and conducting research, the staff of manufacturing engineering continues to do professional scientific and technology transfer work including design, consultancy, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical equipment, especially in agriculture and aquaculture. We also offer training on CAD/CAM/CAE/CNC and the process of making precise parts on CNC machines.

   Department of Mechatronics Technology

Mechatronics is a natural stage in the evolutionary process of modern engineering design. The development of the computer, and then the microcomputer, embedded computers, and associated information technologies and software advances, made mechatronics an imperative development in the latter part of the twentieth century. Mechatronics is a design process that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering and computer engineering.

Founded in 2007, the Department of Mechatronics Technology is one of the newest departments at Nha Trang University. The study of mechatronic systems at Nha Trang University is divided into the following areas of specialty: 

1. Physical Systems Modeling. 

2. Sensors and Actuators. 

3. Signals and Systems. 

4. Computers and Logic Systems. 

5. Software and Data Acquisition. 

Staff: 2 doctors, 2 masters and 2 engineers.


Department of Heat and Refrigeration Engineering

The Department of Heat and Refrigeration Engineering was founded in 1981, named at the time the Department of Refrigeration Engineering. Since its inception, Refrigeration Engineering and Drying Technology, etc. are only some fields that we have taken an interest in. Because of this diversification within the department we have become known as the premier location in Vietnam to study industrial refrigeration. Today, we have expanded the department to focus on additional areas of growing importance:

- Heating - ventilation - air conditioning and refrigeration engineering.

- Drying Technology.

- Development preservation quality of Foods Refrigeration & Freezing.

- Industrial boilers, turbines, heat power plants.

- Renewable Energy and Saving Energy.

Staff: 2 associate professors, 3 doctors, 6 masters and 5 engineers.


  Master programs:

- Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate programs:

- Manufacturing Engineering,

- Mechatronics Technology,

- Mechanical Engineering,

- Heat and Refrigeration Technology. 


Short courses:

CAD/CAM, CNC machining. 


Research interest: 

- Product design and development, CAD/CAM/CAE/CNC, Rapid prototyping.  

- Automotive Mechatronics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Mechatronics in manufacturing systems, Mechatronics in Industrial System.  

- HVAC, renewable energy, hot and cold water supply.


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has actively established relations with international organizations and institutions from Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Norway and Czech Republic. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has cooperated with the Technical University in Liberec, Czech Republic in the creation of a bachelor degree program in mechanical engineering.




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