The Center for Aquatic Animal Health and Breeding Studies (CAAHBS) was established in August 2007 based on scientific research achievements and an infrastructure developed via a collaborative program with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and “Marine aquaculture in Vietnam” (funded by the Norwegian Universities Committee for Higher Education and Research - NUFU). CAAHBS is a self-financing initiative of Nha Trang University pursuant to Decision No.43 of the Central Vietnamese Government.

CAAHBS mandate is to develop and transfer disease diagnostics and control strategies concerning hatchery production technology of marine finfish and other economically high valued species; conduct research on hatchery technology and culture of species of commercial values; support under and graduate training and research activities in the field of marine aquaculture at Nha Trang University; and collaborate, coordinate and provide research facilities and/or services to domestic and international aquaculture research programs as well as local businesses.
The Center is currently transferring its technology of hatchery production of the Asian sea-bass (Lates calcarifer) to various aquaculture sectors in Vietnam in order to commercially produce sea-bass fingerlings to meet the increasing local demand to convert shrimp farming into finfish culture due to the negative impacts of unsolved shrimp farming viral disease problems.

At the same time, CAAHBS is conducting fundamental studies on immune responses of sea-bass against Streptococcus iniae as initial steps toward the development of vaccines for Streptococcosis control in sea-bass grow-out in Vietnam. The Center is also conducting initial trials for hatchery fingerling production of the lobster (P. ornatus) in Khanh Hoa Province of Vietnam.

Visiting address: Nha Trang Campus, 02 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Nha Trang City, Vietnam

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Director:  Mr. Tran Vi Hich, PhD.


Tel: +84.258.354 3385