The Institute for Marine Science and Fishing Technology was established by Decision No. 986/QD-DHNT, August 5, 2011 from the Faculty of Fishing Technology and Navigation. The main functions of the institute are of training and researching in fishing technology, fisheries resource management and marine science. 


The Institute has two departments: The Department of Fishing Technology and the Department of Navigation. The Institute has a staff of 21 members of which 34% are PhDs and 48% hold master’s degrees. Most of Institute’s members received their education in countries with developed fisheries industry such as Australia, Norway, Russia and Iceland. 

  Currently, the Institute trains students in the fields of fishing technology, fishing management and resource conservation, marine safety and ship steering. It also offers training courses for sea captains, fishing technology, navigation safety and equipment use in ships.

The Institute has cooperated with many prestigious universities, institutes and management organizations to conduct relevant training and research. The Institute’s staff has also conducted numerous practical research projects.

The Institute also possesses a variety of modern equipment, including three laboratorial rooms and a crew-training center. With the modern technology available to them, students can experience gear manufacturing, sea chart and marine electronic machine practice, ship steering, GMDSS practice and radar ARPA. 

Department of Navigation

The Department of Navigation was established in 1998. The primary functions of the Department are training and researching in marine science, including fishing safety, navigation laws, ship maneuvering, marine insurance, ship management, port state management, emergency situations procedures at sea and marine electrical equipment.

Department of Fishing Technology 

The Department of Fishing technology was the precursor to the Department of Fishing Technology and Navigation. It was one of the more prestigious departments in the Industrial Faculty at the University of Fisheries, now known as Nha Trang University. After more than fifty-five years of existence, the Department of Fishing Technology has trained thousands of undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff from fishing development and management in Vietnam.

  Currently, the Department has a staff of 11 instructors, including one Associate Professor, five PhDs, five with Master’s degrees and two engineers. The staff consists of members who have significant experience in instruction and research.

The Department annually trains hundreds of doctoral and bachelor students and many trainees in fishing technology, fishing administration and living marine resource management. The graduates of the Department of Fishing Technology possess proficient knowledge and can satisfy the changing demands of the development of the marine economy in Vietnam.



PhD program:
Fishing Technology

Master program: Fishing Technology

Undergraduate programs: Fishing Technology; Fishing management and Marine Science



Achievements of Research:

- Improving fishing gear in trawling, pots and traps, longlining and set net

- Application of drifting fish aggregation device for purse seine fisheries

- Applying modern fishing technology
  - Fish stock assessment

- Living marine resource management

- Economic preferment of fishing industries

- Fish handling technology

- Building artificial reef

- Navigation safety of fishing

  Future Research: 

- Fisheries resource management

- Friendly fishing methods

- Improving fishing technology

- Improving fish handling and conservation

- Improving the safety of fishing

- Projecting fishing vessel and gear mechanism for suitability

- Applying new technology in fishing and fishing management, such as GIS and RS

- Applying by-catch reduction devices in trawling

- Evaluating impact of climate change on fishing

- Fisheries co-management

  Research Cooperation Expectation: 

- Importing modern fishing technology and friendly fishing methods

- Fish handling and conserving technologies

- Fisheries resource management

- Coastal resources for sustainable development

- Fisheries co-management and fisheries management based-community

- Improving livelihood for the coastal communities


Visiting address: 09 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Mailing address: 
09 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam


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Director:  Mr. Tran Duc Phu, PhD.


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Vice-Director: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, MSc.             


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