Tropical Aquaculture Course

Ngày đăng: 26-07-2013 / Đăng bởi: Bich Pham Ngoc
Providing an overview of the aquaculture fields in Vietnam
   Course introduction
  This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the aquaculture fields with an emphasis on the aquaculture industry in Vietnam, especially in the Southern Central regions.
Through attending lectures, practical activities and discussing with experts, participants will understand basic specialist knowledge on tropical aquaculture concepts such as marine creature biology, seed production and on-growing, disease prevention and treatment of aquatic animals, especially marine finfish and crustaceans; and also the knowledge on environmental and fish resources management.

  Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to introduce to participants about the status and developmental orientation of aquaculture in Vietnam such as: hatchery techniques, farming practices, aquaculture systems... Therefore, this course will provide opportunities to exchange and cooperate among participants together for the sustainable development of aquaculture.

   Lectures (1 credit):

+ Overview of aquaculture in Vietnam (History, status, advantages, disadvantages, developmental orientation, policy, partnership opportunities, etc.). 

+ General introduction of the Vietnamese marine biodiversity, geographical factors, climate of several regions of Vietnam. 

+ Seed production and farming of some crustacean species (black tiger shrimp, white leg shrimp, and Spiny lobster). 
+ Seed production and farming of some marine finfish species (pompano, sea bass, and silver snapper).

  Field Trip (1 credit)

+ Visiting the marine sea cages culture in Van Ninh and Nha Trang.

+ Visiting the Institute of Oceanography, Hon Mun Marine Protected Area

+ Visiting hatcheries and grow-out farms of white leg shrimp in Ninh Thuan.

+ Visiting hatcheries and grow-out farms of marine finfish species in Nha Trang.


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