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(Được đăng bởi: Pham Ngoc Bich Ngày đăng:(07-03-2017))

On 14 February 2017, Prof. Ogmudur Knutsson - the University of Akureyri (Iceland) had a seminar on fisheries with the staff and lecturers of NTU. The topic of the seminar is “Evolution of the Icelandic fish industry from harvesting to marketing driven value chain”. The professor reported following matters: 

1. Development of Icelandic fish industry from 1980 until now; experience in fishing technology, processing, and quality management in order to improve the value of the fish industry. Icelandic aquatic resources management system. 

2. Challenges of Icelandic fish industry and solutions. 

3. Experience of Iceland in improving the value of fisheries products from harvesting to marketing; especially, experience in improving the product quality in accordance with the value chain in order to meet the needs of the market... 

Previously, Prof. Ogmundur Knutsson had discussed with Dr. Khong Trung Thang (the NTU Vice-Rector) about the cooperative orientation of both sides in training, research, and faculties and students exchange.... Both parties agreed to sign an MoU at first, which is a legal basis to carry out detailed cooperation activities in the future. 
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