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(Được đăng bởi: Pham Ngoc Bich Ngày đăng:(24-03-2017))


March 15-16, 2017: Nha Trang University in collaboration with Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF), Germany held a symposium on " Acquisition and application of value-added products from shrimp waste”. More than 50 international and domestic scientists attended the workshop.

24 reports on research results of the science and technology mandate under the Protocol "Research and production of valuable added product from shrimp waste for use agriculture" (the cooperation between Vietnam and Germany) were presented at the symposium.

The research results show that shrimp waste is a potential material source of high nutritive ingredients such as protein, astaxanthin, chitin… Some types of chitosan have different molecular weights (Mw) and degrees of deacetyl (DD) have been applied in a number of areas such as antibacterial, antifungal, Oxidation ... In addition, chitosan salts and chitosan nano are produced for use in food preservation. Carotene - protein supplemented to increase nutritional value for salmon.

With above-mentioned results, the valuable ingredients of shrimp waste (carotene - protein, chitin/chitosan) are acquired maximum, thus minimizing environmental pollution and raising the value of shrimp waste.

Previously, the cooperation between NTU and IPF (since January 2013) has brought positive results, the partner has supported the University research team to shorten the time to manufacture equipment of chitin – chitosan production as well as to analyze some chemical indicators in the chitosan study. Accordingly, the cooperation results between the two sides have helped successfully design chitin - chitosan production system and transfer to the manufacturing plants,and publish one article in the Bulletin polymer magazine.