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(Được đăng bởi: Pham Ngoc Bich Ngày đăng:(10-04-2017))


March 22, 2017: Faculty of Economics of NTU in collaboration Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. held a seminar on "Economic Development in Vietnam ". There were representatives from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, businesses in Nha Trang city, lecturers and students of both universities.

Participants discussed following topics: Determinants of quantity, quality and price of Vietnamese coffee in the world coffee market; What explains the high level and rapid growth of productivity of rice production in Vietnam?; Has Vietnam’s exchange rate policy worked to maintain its international price competitiveness in world markets?; Trade creation and diversion effects of the ASEAN-China FTA; How effectively and by what means has Vietnam dealt with the “SOE problem”?; Is Vietnam harnessing China’s “twilight industries” to sustain growth?; Is the role of SMEs in Vietnam’s economy comparable to that of other export-oriented Asian economies during the take-off stage of industrialization and if not, why not?

This was an opportunity for lecturers and students of both sides to exchange knowledge and share experience in teaching, learning and research.